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  1. FAQ: After Log In, I'm Taken Back to the Log In Screen

  2. FAQ: Does DigThisData scrape numbers / data from the LCBO website?

  3. FAQ: Does DigThisData support multiple LCBO agent numbers?

  4. FAQ: Does DigThisData support multiple TBS SFTP accounts?

  5. FAQ: How can I change my user name that appears in the navigation?

  6. FAQ: How do I save my spreadsheet as a Comma Separated File (.CSV)?

  7. FAQ: How do I save my spreadsheet as a Tab Delimited File?

  8. FAQ: How does DigThisData get all my sales data?

  9. FAQ: How is DigThisData billed?

  10. FAQ: How is Market Share calculated?

  11. FAQ: How is Stock Out calculated?

  12. FAQ: I am unable to log in and the password reset doesn't send me anything. How do I log in?

  13. FAQ: Is DigThisData for breweries only or can we use it as an winery/distillery/agent?

  14. FAQ: Is my data private and secure?

  15. FAQ: Is there any integration with the LCBO DDVP?

  16. FAQ: Is there any integration with the LCBO GMS?

  17. FAQ: My LCBO data isn't updating, what could be wrong?

  18. FAQ: My Products are not showing up on my order forms. What is causing this?

  19. FAQ: My TBS data isn't showing or updating. What could be wrong?

  20. FAQ: We have orders that are marked Fulfilled, however they have not been delivered yet. Why is this?

  21. FAQ: We just launch an LCBO product, but it isn't showing in our profile. How can we see our new product?

  22. FAQ: What are the benefits of using DigThisData for order processing?

  23. FAQ: What are the different user roles?

  24. FAQ: What is required to get started with DigThisData?

  25. FAQ: What is Stale and OOS?

  26. FAQ: What is the "Performance" Metric?

  27. FAQ: What is the difference between the LCBO tab and the Collated LCBO tab?

  28. FAQ: What is the Sales Velocity Report and how do I read it?

  29. FAQ: What kind of reports are available to us once we sign up?

  30. FAQ: What metric does DigThisData use for volume reporting?

  31. FAQ: When I click on Industry → TBS, no data appears. Why is that?

  32. FAQ: Why do the Provincial Leaders and Sales Trend Reports display different numbers?

  33. How to Enable Slack Notifications

  34. How to: Add additional users to an account

  35. How to: Assign territories for sales reps

  36. How to: Bulk ingest logistics delivery schedules

  37. How to: Configure sales rep territories and store details

  38. How to: Create an OnTap Account as a Licensee

  39. How to: Enable QuickBooks Online integration

  40. How to: Enable Sage Business Cloud Accounting integration

  41. How to: Enable TBS Reporting

  42. How to: Enable Xero Accounting integration

  43. How to: Ingest Direct Delivery Vendor Portal (DDVP) CSV order files

  44. How to: Ingest Grocery Management System (GMS) orders into DigThisData

  45. How to: Ingest TBS Purchase Orders to create DTD Pre-Orders

  46. How to: Install DigThisData as a Mobile App

  47. How to: Install DigThisData as a native Windows or OSX application (Google Chrome required)

  48. How to: Manage LCBO Agents and Products

  49. How to: Properly use Production Planning Software with DigThisData

  50. How to: Register and set up a DigThisData account

  51. How to: Save form criteria as a Shortcut for later use

  52. How to: Set up and Configure Call Days

  53. How to: Set up Direct Sales Products and Customers (UPDATED)

  54. How to: Set up Warehouse Management

  55. How to: Setup Shopify Integration

  56. How to: Use the Call Day Detail View

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