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How to: Ingest Direct Delivery Vendor Portal (DDVP) CSV order files

  1. Download orders from the DDVP application in CSV format
  2. Under Operations → Data Management → Import Data Files, click the file input field and select the CSV file from the location you saved it to
  3. DigThisData will inform you of a successful/failed import
  4. Navigate to Sales → Order Management → Open Orders to review all imported DDVP Pre-Orders
Please note: Uploading duplicate data will NOT create duplicate orders. Any orders re-uploaded will simply be ignored. If an entire CSV file contains duplicates, no orders will be created. It is safe to upload a file that has a combination of new and previously ingested data - only updates (delivery dates, confirmed status, etc) to those orders will be saved.

Order Creation dates and Requested Date are set to the Order Date provided in the CSV file if no Expected Delivery Date is set. If an Expected Delivery Date is set, it will be used as the Requested Date.

Additionally, DDVP orders ingested through the system will generated standard DTD Bill of Lading allowing you to batch export your files for logistics.
  1. Select the desired orders by clicking on the individual checkboxes to the left of each order.
  2. Once at least one order is selected, the blue Packing Slip button will enable in the left options panel.
  3. Click on the Packing Slip button and download the single multi-page PDF file containing all bill of ladings and DDVP PDF files for the selected orders.
Please note: you should add the same Contact Name that is on the DDVP system to DigThisData under Account Settings → Billing Details to have the DDVP PDF files look identical to those generated directly from the DDVP.

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