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FAQ: What is Stale and OOS?

DigThisData monitors inventory at retail channels both for Out of Stock (OOS) duration and Stale Inventory duration.

To clarify, Stale, indicates stale inventory - not stale product.

DigThisData monitors inventory from day to day. If a store had 12 units on Monday, and 12 units on Tuesday, the stock at that location is 1 day stale for 12 units. This will report up to 30 days and clears the day a sale is made or an inventory shipment is received.

Stale Inventory can identify:
  1. Product being received, but never put it on display;
  2. Product being moved to the back;
  3. Product being lost;
  4. Unfavourable shelf space
Out of Stock (OOS) duration indicates the duration in days a location has had zero (0) inventory. OOS will be reported for up to 30 days and includes de-listed products.

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