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FAQ: We have orders that are marked Fulfilled, however they have not been delivered yet. Why is this?

Retail orders marked Posted will move to Fulfilled automatically once the DigThisData detects an increase in inventory for all products on the order. DTD servers will check the status of all orders daily.

There are edge case scenarios when there will be false positives:

  • multiple orders for the same product at the same location
  • product returns to a location
  • stock transfers to a location
There is a rare scenario in which an order will not be marked as Fulfilled:

  • the entire order is sold the day it arrived

Direct channel orders are marked Fulfilled the day of expected delivery. Our systems have no way of determining the delivery status of product. Once an order has been marked Fulfilled however, an Unverified indicator will be visible. Optionally, open the order and mark the fulfillment as confirmed.

Please note: orders must first be Posted in order to be marked Fulfilled.

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