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How to: Ingest TBS Purchase Orders to create DTD Pre-Orders

DigThisData supports automatic ingestion of TBS Purchase Orders from standard XML files delivered via your SFTP account. If XML Purchase Orders are located, each one is downloaded and ingested automatically into DigThisData and individual Pre-Orders are created for each Purchase Order.

Please note: To receive Purchase Orders in XML format, you must arrange this with TBS. Please contact TBS for further information.

DigThisData also support manually uploading XML based TBS Purchase orders into the system. If you'd like to manually upload a PO follow these instructions:
  1. Download all Purchase Orders from your TBS SFTP account in XML format
  2. Under Operations → Data Management → Import Data Files, click the file input field and select the XMLS files from the location you saved them to
  3. DigThisData will inform you of a successful/failed import
  4. Navigate to Sales → Order Management → Open Orders to review all imported TBS Pre-Orders
Please note: Uploading duplicate data will NOT create duplicate orders. Any orders re-uploaded will simply be ignored. If an entire XML file contains duplicates, no orders will be created.

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