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FAQ: I am unable to log in and the password reset doesn't send me anything. How do I log in?

DigThisData uses three types of authentication: Google, Microsoft, and email/password credentials. If a user registered with Google or Microsoft authentication, using the password reset will not work. Passwords utilized by third party authentication are managed by the third party in question and DigThisData is unable to retrieve or reset passwords remotely.

By far the most common issue logging into DTD is using the wrong type of credentials. The interface will recall if you used Google or Microsoft authentication for a short while, but for security reasons, will clear previous log in attempts after a few weeks.

If you log into DigThisData and are presented with a fresh, new account (the system asks you to create a company account), the most likely cause is that you have used the wrong TYPE of authentication and used the Sign Up form instead of the Log In form.

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