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FAQ: What is required to get started with DigThisData?

DigThisData uses LCBO and TBS data to report accurately on sales. Because of this, DigThisData requires the credentials to your active LCBO Sale of Data account. Upon registration, you will be asked for your company name, LCBO agent number, and SOD credentials. You will then need at least one Option 1b files to unlock your account (the file acts as validation that you have access to your account before the system runs an ingestion job). 

The agent number submitted must match the Option 1b file's agent number. 

What if we don't have an LCBO SOD account?

If no LCBO SOD account is available, we may be able to set up your account regardless. This scenario can happen if suppliers are using an agent and would like their own DTD account or a supplier does not sell through the LCBO. Regardless, we have alternate ways to get your account set up. Contact Support by calling 416-703-2300 or create a ticket by clicking on the Contact Support link on the right hand side of this page.

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