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FAQ: My LCBO data isn't updating, what could be wrong?

LCBO sales data is retrieved every Monday morning (around 6:00AM ET) if available. DigThisData will check for file availability into the afternoon and in the case of a holiday, resume checking for fresh files on Tuesday until the latest data is found.

If the LCBO releases data on a Monday, the reporting period ends 9 days prior. If the release date is on Tuesday, the reporting period ends 10 days prior.

If your data is not refreshing, there could be a number of reasons, however the most common reason is failed credentials. If DigThisData attempts to log in to the LCBO SOD and fails, the system will mark your credentials as invalid. When credentials are marked as invalid, users are presented with a pop up window after log in informing them of the situation. Admin users are also given a form to update the account's LCBO credentials.

DigThisData will automatically ingest up to 4 weeks of Option 1a and Option 1b files during a single data ingestion routine.

Users are welcome to manually download files from their SOD (.zip and .dat formats) and upload them directly into DigThisData using the Operations → Data Management → Import Data Files widget.

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