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How to: Assign territories for sales reps

DigThisData supports multiple Sales Reps per location. A location can be either an LCBO store, a TBS store, or any Direct Customer defined in your account. Assigning locations to individual users is easy and can be accomplished one-by-one or in bulk. 

Please note: you require Admin or Manager role access to assign sales reps to locations.

Navigate to Sales → Retail → Configure Stores to assign LCBO, Agency, Grocery, TBS, LDB, BCLS, ALC, MBLL, SLGA, or any other location locations, otherwise use Sales → Direct / Licensee → Configure Customers to assign Direct Customers.

Clicking on individual items will open a location detail window. Select any number of Users that you would like to assign to that location under the Sales Rep option. DigThisData supports assigning multiple Users to a single location, enabling accounts to configure numerous territories.

Users must first be invited to the platform and have logged in to appear in the Sales Rep options for selection.

To assign multiple locations as a batch, you can select individual locations by clicking the checkboxes to the left of each one. Once more than one location is selected, a blue batch edit button will appear in the left options panel. Select as many locations on the page as you wish (max of 50), or use the top-most checkbox in the header of the table to select all locations displayed on the page. If you'd like to assign an entire LCBO district to a sales rep, segment the list first using the District pulldown in the left options menu. Once the results are displayed, click the top-most checkmark to select all results, and then click the blue batch edit button. Note when using the batch edit, fields left empty are ignored.

The same process can be used for TBS and Direct Customers.

Bulk CSV Upload (new)

If desired, a Google Sheets or XLSX template is available to complete and ingest into DigThisData. Simply edit the appropriate fields and ingest into DigThisData using Operations → Import Data Files. Field definitions are available on the second sheet of the template. Please save a CSV of the first sheet as "territories.csv" for ingestion.

Please note, all reps for a location will be overwritten with values in the CSV. All Channel Acronyms are case sensitive.

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