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How to: Configure sales rep territories and store details

Configuring Stores

For both LCBO and TBS locations, you can define Sales Reps, Supply Warehouses, Low Inventory Thresholds, Delivery Days, Cut Off Times, and more.

To assign variables to a specific store, click on the edit icon to open the Store Edit window. Fill in the fields accordingly and click Save.

Assigning Sales Reps

You can segment reports by Sales Rep territory once the territory is configured. DigThisData provides the ability to assign each retail location to a specific Sales Rep. Open the edit window for a specific location (Sales → Configure Stores for retail, Sales → Configure Customers for licensees) and select the desired Sales Rep from the pull down menu. Sales Reps will first need to be invited and log in to the system prior to being included in the list.

Under Sales → Configure Customers, it is possible to adjust the Sales Rep from the paginated list. Simply edit the desired Sales Rep from the pull down list available in each row.

Batch Editing

You can enabled Batch Editing of stores by clicking on the checkbox next to the stores you'd like to edit. The top most checkbox will select/deselect all locations visible. Once more than a single location is selected, a dark bue Batch Edit button will appear in the left Options Panel.

Please note, any field left empty will be ignored.

Bulk CSV Upload (new)

If desired, a Google Sheets or XLSX template is available to complete and ingest into DigThisData. Simply edit the appropriate fields and ingest into DigThisData using Operations → Import Data Files. Field definitions are available on the second sheet of the template.  Please save a CSV of the first sheet as "territories.csv" for ingestion.

Please note, all reps for a location will be overwritten with values in the CSV. All Channel Acronyms are case sensitive.

Sales Rep Replace Tool

To re-assign an entire existing territory, click on the Replace Tool in the left Options Panel. Select the Sales Rep that is currently assigned a territory and then the Sales Rep you'd like to acquire all locations. Clicking save will re-assign the entire territory.

Tip: Segment the list by District first, then select and entire region to assign to a Sales Rep.

Import Logistics Schedules

Download a spreadsheet template (either Google or Microsoft) located under the left Options Panel. Copy and Paste a schedule by following the field instructions on the second sheet of the document. You can import Delivery Day, Default Delivery Method, and Cut Off Times for any LCBO and TBS location. Once complete, save the first sheet as a CSV (Comma Separated, TSV no longer supported) file and upload to DigThisData using Data → Upload Data Files.

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