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How to: Register and set up a DigThisData account

Getting started with DigThisData is easy:
  1. Go to or and click “Sign Up”.
  2. Create a user account with using Gmail, Outlook or your own email and password.
  3. You’ll then be asked to create a corporate account. Enter the name of your company, your LCBO Agent Code, and LCBO Sale of Data credentials. Please note this is not your Agency Number or Distributor Number.
  4. Once submitted, you’ll be asked to upload at least one LCBO Option 1b file for Agent Code verification. Click on the button provided to ingest at least one file from your computer (4 or 6 files provides a decent amount of data for trial reporting - you can always add more later).
  5. Once uploaded, refreshing the page will show you your dashboard.
  6. The user you registered with will automatically become the Admin of the account.
If you do not currently have an LCBO Sale of Data account, Contact Support (right hand side of this page) - there are numerous situations in which accounts can be set up without an active SOD account. We handle each account on a case by case basis.

All accounts receive a 14 day trial free of charge. No credit card is required.

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