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FAQ: Why do the Provincial Leaders and Sales Trend Reports display different numbers?

The Industry -> Overview / Provincial / Regional / District Leaders reports all contain data that is compiled from LCBO Store sales. Store sales include Counter Sales, Licensee Sales, Agency Sales etc, but do not include items sold through the LCBO Depots.

In contrast, Industry Sales Trend can optionally include Licensee and Agency Sales numbers that do include Depot Sales. As well, Category Trend reports will include Depot Sales when no District is selected. Once a District is selected, only store sales are included.

Depots are deemed as District agnostic and are purposely removed from Regional and District reports since the warehouse services multiple LCBO districts and the data is consolidated.

Industry -> Overview / Provincial / Regional / District Leaders reports are designed to better understand your LCBO distribution and identify locations and products that are excelling within the LCBO retail sector. Including Depot sales would skew the numbers and could potentially provide misleading information. As an example, if a product sold 1000 cases at the store as consumer depletions and a second product sold 1000 cases to Licensee through the Depot, they would be tied in a Provincial Leaders report. However, the first product clearly sells well in store, where the second does not.

Use the Sales Trend Report to understand complete LCBO sales (including Agency, Licensee, and Grocery) understanding that wholesale sales (Licensee and Grocery) and combined with consumer depletions.

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