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FAQ: What is the difference between the LCBO tab and the Collated LCBO tab?

In the Industry reporting section, you'll find up to three tabs - LCBO, TBS, and Collated LCBO. The LCBO and TBS tabs report on competitive industry data purchased from the respective retailers through their Sale of Data programs.

Collated LCBO is data that has been collected and calculated based on daily inventory changes. Collated LCBO data is provided to all DigThisData subscribers and is included in all plans.

Collated LCBO data only includes retail store sales. It will not calculate licensee, agency, grocery or any other type of sales that the purchased LCBO data (typically Option 5 or Option 4) may contain. Additionally, this data is NOT scraped from the LCBO website, but rather calculated from the Master Inventory file. For this reason, TBS Collated data is not possible since there is currently no published TBS master inventory file.

While using the LCBO and TBS tabs, selecting subsets through the Filter Subsets window will only display purchased LCBO and TBS subsets for selection. In comparison, Collated LCBO will display all subsets available at the LCBO for complete visibility into every product available in the LCBO channel.

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